The distribution concept of OmniControl provides for free provision of the software for public institutions and private use.

You can download the current version of OmniControl as a ZIP file from the following link:

Note: This version of OmniControl requires Java 8.

Example projects:


After unpacking the ZIP files, start OmniControl directly from the directory by executing the file “OmniControl*.jar”.

To use the full range of OmniControl functions, an existing Internet connection is required to license the software. For this purpose, connection data such as the IP and Ethernet address, the version of the software and the selected language are transmitted to the server. This data is collected with the aim of creating anonymous statistics on the use of the software and blocking outdated versions.

If OmniControl is started without an Internet connection, operation is possible, i.e. projects that have already been created can be opened, but the scope of functions in the area of creating new projects is significantly limited, so that, for example, no more changes can be saved.

The integration and functions of the entry models provided are explained on the Teaching/Learning Material page.